Cover: Dictionary of Literary Themes and Motifs
ISBN 10 0313263965
ISBN 13 9780313263965

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Dictionary of Literary Themes and Motifs

This index is a veritable who's who of the greats of Western literature.
The Board recommends it for every collection whose users conduct analytical studies of literature.
"Reference Books Bulletin" The powerful hold that literature exercises is based primarily on recognition--the reader's ability to identify with others through shared human concerns that transcend ttace, time, and cultural boundaries.
These universal themes, and how they have been treated in literature from the classical period to the present, are the subject of the critical essays comprising this volume.
A fascinating resource for students and general readers and an essential research tool for scholars in literature, it is the first thematic reference on this scale to be published in English.
The dictionary consists of 143 essays contributed by 98 specialists in world literature.
Topics covered include themes relating to adventure, family life, the supernatural, eroticism, status, humor, idealism, terror, and many other categories of human experience.
Each entry begins with a defintion and a sketch on the origin and historical background of the literary theme.
The topical essay discusses the significance and occurrence of the theme in world literature and supplies information on geographical area, genre, style, and chronology.
Entries conclude with a selected bibliography of scholarship in the area.
A cross-index to themes and motifs will enable the reader to find information on secondary or related topics.
Convenient to use and presented in a standardized format, this major new reference will be an important acquisition for libraries with collections in English, American, and world literature.

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