About Kilibro

Kilibro.com aims to provide readers with a partial view of the books displayed on your platform.

It is common to visit a bookstore and see a few pages of the book before buying it. With the internet became easier and cheaper to buy books and eBooks, but without prior knowledge of the work, this can not meet the expectations of the reader.

It's thinking like that Kilibro.com provides its thousands of users every day a partial reading of the works exhibited, allowing the reader to have a brief contact with the work before making a purchase or even display it to your friends via networks social.

We at Kilibro.com we are totally against copyright infringement. We are constantly in conversations with authors and publishers for inclusion of new works or exclusion if the holders of its copyright request.

The Kilibro.com not only helps the reader to decide on the purchase, providing you with daily updated price lists, as well as helping authors and publishers to better expose and promote their works, leveraging its sales.

We appreciate your understanding and support received by readers, and especially to the authors and publishers of the works exhibited. We put ourselves at the disposal of these to remove the Kilibro.com partial viewing and listing prices of the works of his own, if they so wish.

Best regards,
Team Kilibro.com