Privacy and Use

Privacy and Use of


a. Cookie: English term used to designate file stored in browsers to facilitate the identification of the user who accessed certain web page above. Widely used by the database of sites to customize routines for each Internet user;

b. IP: Internet Protocol, is the Internet protocol that identifies, locates and connects between computers connected to the Internet by assigning a "port number", which corresponds to an identity number.

c. URL: Uniform Resource Location of English, or Uniform Resource Location, is the standard Internet address names. Each page should have a URL itself for easy access.

d. Portal: Set HTML pages with information on products and services online and conventional differential comprising a single environment. The Portal includes or may encompass the institutional content, online services and the services of care and loyalty.

e. Site: Set of information available on the Internet, individual, institution, company, etc.., Belonging to a same address (URL) and generally dealing with specific subject.

1. General Policies

The privacy policies of based on the principles of its commitment to transparency, objectivity, clarity, education, security and respect in relations with its customers and visitors through the use of your Portal.

The concerned about the privacy and security of its customers and visitors to your portal, however, the user must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not entirely foolproof, and that not holds control over external variables to your site and system.

2. Cadastral Data Privacy and Treatment of Information

The information requested from customers and users are the minimum necessary for the completion and improvement of services, and are stored in the information system for statistical purposes and relationship.

The information collected through the use of cookies and identification of IP addresses are generic and used together for statistical purposes and to improve communication with our visitors. If desired, the visitor can configure your Internet browser to reject the automatic collection of this information.

Information from customers and visitors are used by authorized and qualified to perform the duties inherent to conducting business via the Internet.

The personal information of customers and visitors of the portal that will be collected by systems or records will be stored according to strict standards of security and confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties, unless expressly authorized by the client to the cases of business contact information or force of law.

The customer may at any time correct or update the information provided via the Portal and other registration data, the various contact channels available. The fields in which there is no indication requirement for answers about personal data are voluntary filling without failing implies decreased quality or quantity of the corresponding services.

3. Relationship with Others

The privacy policies adopted by are relevant only to their Portal and shall not apply to any other website that is linked to it or, in some way, be related through "links" or other forms of dissemination and access.

The not responsible for the content available on sites of other companies or associated with your Portal through "links" or other forms of dissemination and access.

The not responsible for damages of any nature arising from the unavailability, lack of continuity, interruption or blocking data transmission incurred and loss of use or from any failure of the Service.

When you hire other organizations to support services, the them requires the same guarantee of privacy, confidentiality and security is ensured in our Privacy Policy to customers and visitors to the Portal.

In Portal, maintain links with other web sites to help our visitors with certain functionality or content. However, this Privacy Policy is limited to the services offered in the pages of this portal. Thus, we are not responsible for the services, procedures and policies specific sites to which the Site has link or that link to our portal. To better guarantee, you should inform yourself about the Privacy Statement of each site associated with this portal.

The Service shall have indefinite duration, provided the at any time in its sole discretion, terminate or suspend the provision of the Service partially or totally, previously informing the User, where possible, of their decision.

4. Security

The ensures secure access to the sites of your Portal, the transactions and the exchange of undisclosed information with customers and visitors, in specific areas, through the process of encrypting data, using the security protocol - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when necessary. This system consists of certification that proves the authenticity of the Portal as well as ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the data during transmission. The constantly evaluate the security procedures and privacy available to customers and visitors to its portal.

You should not give your password to any third party, under penalty of not be responsible for any losses incurred.

5. Rights

The ensures the protection of the information contained in the Portal by the laws and regulations governing copyrights, trademarks and patents.

All text, images, and partial views of the works displayed in are protected by copyright, and any changes, reproduction, storage, transmission, copying, distribution or any other form of commercial use. Intrusion attempts to or to sites related to it will be treated according to legal as damage, theft or other criminal classification corresponding to the consequences of the invasion.

6. Recommendations

The User acknowledges and voluntarily accepts that the Service will be used, in any case, under his sole responsibility, pledging to provide accurate and updated registration information.

The privacy policies, set forth herein, are subject to possible change at any time due to changes in or on sites linked to it, the use of new technologies or whenever deemed necessary, the reasons why we recommend your periodic verification.

The User agrees to use the Service in accordance with the law, with the relevant regulations, the principles of morals, good customs and public order under.

7 - Service

To meet possible claims and requests for clarification on the Service Portal, the user may request information or make complaints through our contact email.